John Joekes has been a professional letter cutter and sculptor for over 30 years, producing beautiful and unique memorials, sculptures and lettering pieces.

Originally trained as a typographic designer before becoming a mason, carver and sculptor at Chichester Cathedral, John since combined both his passion for design and art, which is evident in his extensive portfolio.

John has produced many varied commissions over the years, and is happy to discuss any project you have in mind. John is based near Box, in Bath, UK.


John has a sympathetic and caring approach to memorials and is keen to work closely with the client and family from concept to installation to produce a fitting and lasting tribute.


House Signs and Sundials
John beautifully hand carved lettering is very much suited to unique house signs.


Sculptures and Installations
John also makes poetic and individual sculptures. Many more examples are available for viewing on his dedicated website www.johnjoekes.com.